• Reggie P. Louis

Disney's live action remake of Aladdin crosses the 1 billion dollar threshold

It really is a whole new world. Even I... didnt see this coming. Disney...didnt see this coming. But Aladdin has now crossed the 1 billion dollar milestone! This marks the third film for Disney to cross that threshold this year...for now. The success of the live action remake was questionable after mixed reactions from the promotional push for the film. A lot of people were turned off at the look of Will Smith's genie, among other things. As someone that has seen the film twice, I can say this is well deserved. The film was so pleasant and heartwarming. Will Smith...steals the show! His version of genie is stark different from Robin Williams' version and it works in spades! Naomi Scott really shows her vocal talents and steals a scene with an original song not in the original film. She was also a very good Princess Jasmine. Now for the director...As a Guy Ritchie fan, I was so happy to see him knock this out of the park. After King Arthur (which I throughly enjoyed), I was curious to what his next directorial effort would be. When I heard it was Aladdin, my ears perked up. He is such a unique director and there are some nuanced Guy Ritchie-isms that really puts his stamp on the film. Hats off to him! All in all, this milestone is deserved and unexpected...to my at least. If you havent seen Aladdin, go out and see it! Oh Disney...how much more of my money do you want!?!?! Comment below and let me know what you thought of the film, if you saw it. If you didnt like it, drop down and let me know.

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