• Reggie P. Louis

Is "pilot season"...gone?

I decided to write this piece on something that has been rolling around in my mind. It's more of an observation more than anything. Living in LA La Land (see what I did there?), you're privy to all of the happenings within the industry. The infamous "pilot season" is a term known by many, especially actors... and for good reason. It is the time of year where all of the potential shows and their creators start casting the pilots to pitch to networks in order for them to get picked up. That is why you'll sometimes see that the sets or characters look significantly different from episode one in comparison to the rest of the subsequent episodes. This year was my first year experiencing pilot season here in Los Angeles and it has been.... quiet. Now, I had no expectations to get many auditions for pilots seeing as how I am fresh on the scene but I've been asking around as to how my friends have been doing with pilot season. It has been the same answer across the board..."It has been super slow!" This got me thinking and here are my thoughts on it... THIS IS A GOOD THING FOR US PERFORMERS! Hear me out...The top rated shows out at the moment are on streaming platforms. Netflix has a slew of hot shows. Hulu has gotten into the original content game. Let's not forget Disney that has a whole slate of original programming coming on their streaming platform, The list goes on and on. My point is that with all of these streaming platforms producing their own original content, there really isn't a select time of year that "pilots" need to be cast and shot. Of course, cable networks still need to produce sitcoms and other shows for live TV, but Netflix will cast their shows whenever it's ready to be cast. Disney will cast their programs whenever they need to be cast. And so on. Ultimately, I think that the slowness of pilot season is a result of that and I think, speaking as an actor, will result in more opportunities throughout the year, as opposed to a select two months. Then again...I could be dead wrong. Drop a comment below and let me know what you think! Thanks for stopping by!

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