• Reggie P. Louis

Kenya Barris and Rashida Jones to star in Netflix series Black Excellence, under Barris's new deal

It has begun! The first series under Kenya Barris's Netflix deal has finally been announced. The series will be called Black Excellence and it will star the creator, Mr. Barris himself, in his acting debut and Rashida Jones of Angie Tribeca. Rashida Jones also plays a recurring character that goes by the name is Santa Monica on Barris' Emmy nominated show, Black-ish. Full disclosure, I have watched Black-ishfrom beginning to most recent episode about...5 times so far. I am a huge fan of Kenya Barris. When it was announced that he had inked a major deal with Netflix, I couldn't help but to be excited and curious as to the type of productions he would bring to the streaming service, I now have my answer. Barris is set to executive produce along with Jones and his producing partner, Hale Rothstein. This news is great all around! I adore the content that Kenya Barris creates with his unique sense of humor and outlook on the world when it comes to race, sexuality, parenting, and much more. Rashida Jones is an absolute force whenever she is on screen. I have loved watching her perform since watching her on The Office and I cannot wait to see what she brings to this series. If anyone is a fan of Black-ish, I hope she brings a little bit of Santa Monica with her. What do you all think? Are you excited about this? Are you excited what Kenya can do in front of camera. Drop a comment and let me know. Thanks for reading!

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