• Reggie P. Louis

X-Men Dark Phoenix 3rd trailer released, The final chapter of Fox's X-Men universe.

This the end of an era, ladies and gents. X-Men Dark Phoenix is set to release in June and the final trailer was release this morning. This is the third and final trailer but this one has a bit more weight to it as we know have confirmation that this is indeed the final film we will see from the X-Men universe that Fox created. 19 years.... whew! After Disney's acquisition of 20th century Fox, it was confirmed at Cinemacon that the X-Men (the Fox version) will be no more. The only character that was confirmed to remain whilst at Disney is Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool. Although Deadpool Will remain under a separate banner from Disney and will not be integrated into the MCU. Sigh... we have had a lota of ups and downs. They gave us "Days of Future Past" and...they also gave us X-Men Origin:Wolverine (yikes). But I think we can all agree that it has been a world ride and I, for one, will this miss this version of the X-Men characters we have come to love. Farewell...

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